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How to charge my device?

The RELX Infinity supports charging through both a USB Type-C input and pogo pin charging dock. You can also buy your wireless charging case so you can charge it on the go.

Do I have to clean my vape and how?

Do I have to clean my vape and how?

How to use my device?

Before inserting the pod into the device, make sure to remove the dustproof silicone cap from both sides of the pod (top and bottom). Then insert the Pod into your device, wait for the vibration and light to flash. Inhale gently, start your RELX experience!

What vaping flavors are there for Infinity in Georgia?

We have developed 4 tailor-made flavors specific to legal age smokers/ users in the UAE: Fresh Red (watermelon with a hint of mint), Tangy Purple (grape with a hint of mint), Double (double apple) and Menthol Plus (mint flavor)

Can I stop smoking my cigarettes when I start vaping?

Vaping is designed to be a viable and better alternative than cigarettes. Smokers resort to cigarettes to cater to taste, sensory experience, nicotine delivery profile, and the ritual characteristic. Vaping addresses all 4 pillars to ensure that vapers say goodbye to cigarettes, for good.

Is vaping healthier than smoking cigarettes?

(Risk factor compared to cigarettes)  Vaping is a better alternative than cigarettes. Several international public health institutions (e.g. Public Health England and others) have concluded that vaping can be up to 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. This is mainly due to the fact that combusting tobacco (which is the primary cause of smoking related disease, by generating the vast amount of harmful chemicals) is eliminated in vaping.

Does vaping have nicotine?

Some vape brands develop e-liquids that do not contain nicotine. However, research and consumer behavioral studies have shown that nicotine and flavors are integral factors in adult smokers switching away from cigarettes to better alternatives. Our products have Nicotine level of 18mg/ml

What’s the battery life like?

Battery life highly depends on the usage patterns. Tips: 1) The device is not waterproof, so pay attention and avoid getting your device wet and prevent any physical collisions. 2) When the device is charging, please do not use it at the same time, as this can potentially damage the battery of the device. 3) Our product has a lithium battery, so we recommend using the standard charging cable with 5v1a plug to charge the device. 4) Please remove the charger in time after the battery is full to avoid over-charging for an extended period of time, as it may also damage the battery.

What is in the vape juice or e-liquid?

Our ingredients include glycerol, propylene glycol, flavorings and nicotine salt.

What is Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine salt is the active ingredient. Despite common misconceptions, nicotine is not a carcinogen, but is known to be an addictive chemical.

What is Propylene Glycol?

Propylene Glycol is a colorless, odorless ingredient commonly found in beverages, baked goods, and other household consumables.

What is Glycerol?

Glycerol is a hypoallergenic ingredient used as a sweetener, and texture enhancer commonly used in foods.

Do e-cigarettes and e-liquids produce a smell?

There is no lingering smell on you (hair, clothes, fingers, etc.) and around you, but there are aromas that you can smell based on the flavors

Does tobacco flavor taste the same as smoking actual tobacco?

Vaping is designed differently than cigarettes, and given that there is no combustion and smoke, the flavor will differ accordingly. We have a variety of tobacco flavors which legal age users have told us are similar to their cigarette tobacco taste

Who is vaping designed for?

Vaping is designed for adult smokers and vapers who would not or cannot quit cigarette smoking, but are searching for better alternatives.

How long can one pod last me with a full charge?

A full charge for one pod can last for about 200-300 puffs, depending on individual usage patterns (e.g. how much you inhale at once).


დაშვებულია თუ არა დახურულ სივრცეებში მოწევა?

Each country has its own regulatory framework/local laws, we advise you to check before vaping indoors.

Is it safe to take my vaping products on a plane?

Please do not use in non-smoking areas. Store your RELX products in your carry-on baggage, and separate the pods from other valuables.

What does it mean to be supersmooth?

SuperSmooth Tech is a trademark technology for RELX that has been designed to give the right smooth vaping experience with the right aerosol at the right temperature, while ensuring minimal noise while vaping.

Why does Relx have the same health warning like other cigarette products?

RELX pods include Nicotine, which is an addictive substance and therefore placing health warning on the device and pods packaging, this is in line with With our duty-to-inform, and in accordance with local regulations.

Can this product be sold to minors? Non-smokers/ non-vapers?

In line with our Guardian Program, we do NOT market RELX products to minors, former vapers or smokers, non-vapers and non-smokers

How many countries is RELX available in?

RELX products are available in numerous regions - all over Asia (North and Southeast), Oceania, North and Latin America, and Europe

What should I do if I have an issue with my device?

Kindly contact our customer service team on either 1- relxnow.com/# - Support - Live Chat;

How much puffs does one RELX Pod Pro contain?

Each pod contains about 650 puffs, which is the equivalent of 3 packs of classic

How many puffs does one RELX Nano 2 contain?

Each single machine contains about 300 pufss, which is the equivalent of 1.5 packs of
classic tobacco.